We have seen numerous AI Copywriting tools that can help

You create incredible copy. But like all things, these AI tools have as many advantages as disadvantages. Let’s see the main ones.

Pros of AI copywriting

  • Speed : through artificial intelligence you can generate a greater number of contents than you would be able to do by hand
  • For bloggers, the preliminary research phase is a very long and complex process. AIs, on the other hand, have access to an incredible amount of data and can return an output almost instantaneously
  • AI tools can help you identify the most effective keywords and suggest how to optimize your content to improve search engine rankings, gain more traffic and optimize conversion rates
  • Many AI tools can also help you create professional looking photos and videos in moments.

Cons of AI copywriting

  • The quality of the content is generally lower than that written manually, especially when talking about an AI tool left to write without guidance compared to an expert copywriter
  • A text generated by an AI, if not guided Bulk SMS Thailand correctly, is robotic, cold, flat and devoid of personality , full of repetitions and often errors. In fact, when an AI does not know an answer, it tends to invent one. Here is an example:
  • Writing well is a matter of training. Constantly using AI tools it is easy to become addicted to software , thus losing the ability to write correctly, original, autonomous and creative
  • Content written by AIs is often duplicated
  • An AI will never be able to best express your authenticity, your personality and your personal experiences .

How to best use these tools

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AI copywriting tools are an incredible resource for improving the quality and effectiveness of your content.

Yes, because these tools can not only help you write high-quality texts quickly and efficiently but can also provide you with valuable tips to improve your site’s SEO , study search trends and create content that fits your audience.

In fact, AI Copywriting tools can also help you find new ideas for your articles, suggest the most effective keywords to use, help you create the best structure for your blog and – of course! – they are a valid support for creating ad hoc content for your blog.

But it’s also important to remember that these tools are not a panacea that fixes all writing problems automatically and effortlessly. Indeed, the human hand and mind are still essential to create truly effective content.

If you think you can write a blog article completely through AI tools without doing anything, no revisions and no changes, I have bad news for you: these tools not only need to be guided but you also need to know how to do it .

Think of it like this.

If you’ve always walked around today, could you go faster with a car? Absolutely, but only if you know how to access it, how to drive it and also how to brake.

Behold: AI copywriting is exactly the same thing.

Without a guiding mind, an AI tool will always be a useless toy.

Kind of like a calculator. The calculator is very useful for speeding up calculations. But if you don’t know the procedure for solving a problem, then the calculator will be as useful as a soup fork.

If you want to be able to get the best out of these Leads Blue tools, it’s not enough for you to send a prompt like “Write an article about how to plant tomatoes” to have a ready and perfect text, capable of generating clicks, shares and sales.

You will only have a robotic text, repetitive, unable to position itself on search engines and identical to the text of a thousand other people who have entered the same prompt.

So learn to use these tools but don’t think of replacing them with your mind, your creativity and your intuition , otherwise failure will be around the corner waiting for you.

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