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Complicated can be understood here as long. It is worth following the rule that the fewer steps (clicks) the customer has. From the moment of selecting the product to the moment of finalizing the transaction, the better. Then we reduce the risk that the customer will change his mind and abandon the basket. Every e-shop owner should think about whether a one-page or multi-page form will. Work better for the products it offers. In the case of shops offering cheap products. Single-page forms are recommended, while in the case of shops with. Expensive products – multi-page forms (but remember that the number of pages should be.

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Limited to a few Lack of easily visible information. About possible deliveries and their costs Every customer likes to know where he stands, that is, above all, to know the cost of the product he is interested in and its delivery. It is definitely not acceptable to inform the user about delivery costs only at the end of the purchasing process. Not only Dubai Phone Number List informing about delivery costs at the last stage discourages the customer from making a purchase. This is also the effect of all hidden costs. A customer who has not been notified of the costs in advance usually abandons the basket and resigns from using the store’s offer in the future.

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Research shows that users, especially women. Are much less likely to abandon their carts when the store offers them free delivery. It is therefore worth considering whether free shipping will not bring much more profits (completed purchases) than losses (cart abandonment). It is not possible to continue shopping after adding one product to the cart Yet another reason for cart abandonment is the inability to continue shopping after adding one product to the cart. This is due to errors in the structure of the online store or intentional actions of the seller Leads Blue who – this time wrongly – strives to make a quick transaction.

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