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Enter your headline options. Google is good at suggesting some. Youll want to make sure you include the keyword or words in your headlines at least once. Watch the Ad Strength window to the right. Next, fill in your description. We recommend maxing out the character count and available options in both headline and description. Also, be sure to use your keyword here as well. You want to aim for an Excellent ad strength. Notice our repeat use of the keyword or phrase. Click Done then repeat for your next ads you should have at least per ad group, remember.

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Well skip that for times sake. Click Save and Continue when youre ready. Now review your ad and click Publish if it looks good. Doublecheck budget, duration, and targeting. Now that you know how to create your campaigns, ad groups, research your keywords, and create and publish your ads lets move on to the next section of this Google ads for Netherlands Phone Numbers List beginners guide. Lets look at the rest of the Ads Manager so you can get start. Google Ads Dashboard Google Ads Overview & Navigation Before we dive into your campaign settings and creating ads lets take a quick tour of the Google.

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Ads Manager because it can be a bit. Intimidating to be dropp into that pond without warning. Were going to show you the standard. Google ads dashboard because Smart Campaigns are limit in functionality. And at some point, youll ne to be able to comfortably navigate in Google ads. a. Overview Tab When you log into your Google Ads account, youll land on your Overview page. This has the little house icon to help you identify that its Leads Blue home base. This is where youll see all the most important information relat to your account. Some of this information includes.

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