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Esque in how it operates than the main fe or even the Stories fe algorithm Currently, Instagram Reel ads are far less competitive and much less e pensive than other ad placements on Instagram You should AB test this for your business and see if it holds true If you’ve been using automat placements so far, here’s how you can check the performance of each placement reel ads Go to Ads Manager Click Breakdown Select Placement from the drop down Your columns will reset to show your campaign, ad set, or ads stats by placement Compare placements cost per result.

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Etc to decide if you should keep showing your ads there or not They Could Be Cheaper Reel ads may cost you less for Reel ads than other placements because of the differences in audience behavior and intent There aren’t definitive numbers out yet but early anecdotal evidence from our e perimentation with our own Reels shows that we’re reaching a lot of new folks organically saving us money We recommend running an AB test so you can see if Reels Morocco Mobile Number List Placements are less e pensive and work equally too better than other placements like Stories or Fe That’s when you’ll know where to focus your paid efforts They Are Less Competitive As we’ve mention a couple of time.

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It s much easier for your Reel to get a ton of views than it is for a post of yours or a Story of yours to go viral Because the content is short form and plays automatically, viewers spend more time on Reels and Reel ads This is an advantage to advertisers because there are going to be more places for ads to show that are less disruptive to the Reel e perience Good E amples of Reels Ads Look at this Reel ad from BMW It keeps your interest, fits the Leads Blue format nicely, uses original audio, and has just the right amount of hashtags Here’s an e ample from.

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