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But the last thing that could possibly be the issue. Here is not necessarily with your website itself, but with a lack of retargeting Only of website. Visitors actually convert on the first visit to the site So if you’re not putting your ad in front of these people again, you’re likely to lose up to of visitors who have abandon your site That’s why you see statistics like this one that says “with retargeting you can attract up to  of visitors who have abandon your site ” And once you do retarget them and get them back to your site, website visitors who are retarget are more likely to convert by.

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So if you ve look at your frequency, your. CTR, and your website, and you’re still not finding the issue as to where you’re losing customers you may. Ne to look at your retargeting efforts to see if that starts closing some more sales for you At this point in the post, hopefully you’ve learn a few things about analyzing your ad results, though you might be thinking “okay so those are just metrics out of a bazillion in Ads Manager What about the rest Macedonia Mobile Number List of them ” And you’re right there are a ton So let’s discuss some more of them More Common Metrics To See And Actually Use In Ads Manager CPM This is your cost per , impressions You can find this under the.

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Delivery columns filter along with the cost per. People reach So remember, the difference between reach and impressions is that reach is individual. People while impressions are just the number of times your ad was seen So if someone saw your ad times, your reach would be and your impressions would be People like to look at their CPM because, for a lot of the campaign objectives, you are charg by impressions social mia advertising Leads Blue tutorial So as you go down your list of things to troubleshoot to figure out why your ads aren’t performing well you might find.

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