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If someone else who work on your page as an. Admin, if their account got hack go to this URL And then, click the I think my account was hack dropdown and click the blue. Get Start button to start the reporting process. recovery Now if you’ve tri these recovery forms already and they. Haven’t gotten you anywhere you can try your luck with the copyright infringement form. Try the copyright infringement form. recovery Get Exclusive Marketing Tips Join over , marketers who get exclusive marketing tips that we only share with our subscribers.

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Enter Your Address We don’t know why but seems to take this one more seriously, so it might be easier to get a hold of somebody this way. And if you’ve tri getting in contact with support before, you know that half the battle is getting a real person to respond to you. The other half is getting a real person who can actually help you and knows what they’re doing. In our experience, if you can just get in contact with a real person from support and Brazil Mobile Number List explain your. Situation they’ll be able to get you back access to your page. But keep in mind that they will probably require. Proof of ownership of your business via different documents.

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So be prepar to send scann documents over to the support rep, if necessary. But overall you’ll ne to get in contact with support through one of those URLs so they can help you get page admin access back. And so that’s how you do recovery for your page admin access. Now if you want to work with  will keep playing even if you lock your phone. Do you sell something online Do you run ads on or Instagram Then you ne to read this post on product Leads Blue catalogs. Today, we’re going to talk about the product catalog which is an excellent way for you to sell your products and services to new and existing audiences.

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