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Reels algorithm is built to favor new. Engaging content from new creators It’s much more that originat from your ads This is another metric that. Helps you see whether the results you’re receiving are profitable or not automatically calculates this number for you But to help you understand better, it’s the revenue generat from your ads your total ad spend So it’s a multiple If your ROAS is , that means you’re getting back for every you invest in ads, or your investment We want to give you the formula because it’s important to remember that is calculating.

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This bas on your ad spend on that one campaign. It’s not taking into account the money spent in labor on your marketing employee or for the graphic designer. You paid to make your ads So if you want to get an even more accurate idea of your ROAS, you have the formula in your toolbo now But in addition to your cost per result, which was one of the Malta Mobile Number List most important metrics we discuss at the beginning of this post your ROAS is just another indicator to confirm if your ads are still leaving you profitable Or are you losing money on acquiring these purchases.

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The last two metrics we want to look at are part. Of the breakdown feature in the Ads Manager Placement You’ll come over here and click the. Dots, then click By Delivery, then Placement This will break down your campaigns by platform and placement giving you a clear look into which placements are delivering the most results for you at the lowest cost So if you can see that all of your results are coming from fes, and none from Stories you might consider removing the Stories placement to save yourself wast ad spend By the way, if you want to learn Leads Blue how to use Stories for business, be sure to read this post ne t Country Again, you’ll click the dots, then click.

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