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Spam traffic and bot traffic In order for the data. On the basis of which we make decisions to be useful, it must be collect correctly. The initial configuration of the new service in Google Analytics requires several or a dozen or so changes to exclude data that will distort the actual image of our website. One such improvement is to check the option to exclude traffic from all known Google bots. This is a checkbox that should be check in the data view settings. Where did he come from Historically, in. Google Analytics was attack by bot traffic, which generat very large. Traffic spikes in one or two days, which later made reliable data analysis difficult.

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Read more SPAM in Google Analytics how to defend. Yourself Implementing the exclusion work well and for several years the problem was virtually non existent. However, in late January and early February , we notic an increase in bot activity that broke through this filter. We can see the traffic generat by bots in traffic sources and they are hidden under names such as Bottraffic. live trafficbot. live bottraffic. Live trafficbot. Live bot traffic. xyz bot Singapore Mobile Number List Traffic. xyz and the like. What to do to defend yourself against spam traffic trafficbot. First of all, implement a custom segment or create a new custom filter , which is cover later in the article. traffic bot attack in ga How to check traffic bot traffic in.

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GA To check with Google Analytics if your site. Is being target by spam traffic, go to the Behavior tab , expand All Pages , and select either. Landing Pages or All Pages. The second way to check if a traffic bot has visit your page is to select the Acquisition. All Traffic Source Mium view and include the Natural traffic segment. How to recognize if the traffic source is suspicious The first sign is the name – bottraffic. live, bot traffic. xyz, trafficbot. live, bot traffic. icu, etc. If in doubt about the domain, it is worth checking it on Google or Twitter. Typically Leads Blue spammers are quickly identifi and easy to find. Avoid directly visiting a site that may infect your computer with a virus or other malware.

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