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Custom marketing strategy back by data and results Affordable marketing services with no long term contract Basic Shopify plan or higher shopify ads Business Manager with a connect FB page and ad account Business Manager Before we show you the steps for adding a pixel to your website, we just want to tell you about our new social mia ads training course. If you’re interest in learning how to set up and manage your own ads, from people who know what they’re talking about, this course is for you. To integrate your Shopify page with your efforts, you’ll want to set your up as a Sales Channel on Shopify. Let us show you how to do that.

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How to Install and Set Up the Sales Channel From your Shopify admin, click next to Sales Channels. Click + next to Facebook, and then click Update sales channel to install the channel. Click Start set up on the feature that you want to install first. Click Connect account. Sign in to your account. Connect the assets that are requir to set up the features that you want. Accept the terms and conditions. Click Finish setup. After this step is plete, your products Ecuador Mobile Number List will start syncing with making managing a catalog, Instagram Shops, and Shop much easier and less hands on. To view the products that are available to the channel, in your Shopify admin click.

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Overview  View products. If you don’t have any products in your store, then click Add product to add products to your store. If you have products in your store but they aren’t available to Shop then click “Make products available” to go to the Products page in your Shopify admin. Click the name of the product that you want to make available to the channel. In the Product availability section of the product details page, click Manage. In the Manage sales channels availability dialog, check Facebook, and then click Done. Click Save. How To Add Your Leads Blue Pixel To Your Shopify Site The next step in setting up your Shopify ads is adding your pixels. Shopify partners with to make advertising really easy.

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