Tips For Running Facebook Ads Through The

Now that you have access to track your ads within a Shopee seller, what else can you do to ensure that you create profitable Facebook ads?

Here are 4 tips we can offer:

1. Apply best practices when listing products
As previously mentioned, the information in your campaign ad depends on your product listing. You no longer need to use different images and content.

Once a buyer clicks on an ad, they are immediately take to the product page where they see all the information they need. This is where you convince the customer to buy the product.

Therefore, make sure you create a description that highlights product features.

Align your campaigns during big Shopee promotions

Customers love Shopee’s mega promotions. 1 in 2 consumers across the Southeast Asia region anticipate Shopee promotions, and 90% of them proactively seek information during the mega shopping season.

To ensure campaign success, plan your campaign 7-14 days before the start of the promotion and let it run during the peak of the promotion.

3. Make an attractive offer
While it’s up to Facebook to match whatsapp mobile number list your ads to your target audience, it’s important to be able to grab a buyer’s attention by creating an attractive offer.

The good news is that vouchers and freebies are Shopee’s strongest suit.

Add discount vouchers for those who will follow your Shopee shop, or if you are going to have a flash sale, you can advertise the products that are included in your flash sale.

How will you know this

whatsapp mobile number list

Split Dragon provides A/B testing tool for Shopee listings. With just a few clicks, the SD separation testing tool will recommend the best variation from the product list.

Increase Shopee traffic and conversions with Facebook Collaborative Ads
Shopee’s move only demonstrates the important role data plays in eCommerce marketing and relying on assumptions and guesswork is no longer an option.

And while Shopee ensures continuous traffic to their website by providing sellers with new ways to easily advertise, we at Dragon Riven are also dedicated to providing the best market tools so businesses Leads Blue like yours can dominate any eCommerce marketplace.

Dragon Split helps you plan your next steps with market research, ensures that you have the best list of variations through our AB Testing, and much more.

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