Tips and tools to optimize readability in content marketing

What is the readability of a content? Readability is defined as the quality of what is readable, which in a more understandable way. Refers to the ease or difficulty of reading something . It is a fact that advances in natural language processing and artificial. Intelligence are becoming greater and more refined, and a direct consequence of this is that, today. The readability of a text has become something totally measurable and quantifiable. Moreover, specifically, the professionals in charge of carrying out content marketing actions are immersed in a labor transformation that leads them to ensure that they are able to create texts that are fully aligned with the readability metrics that are considered most effective.Therefore, Why is it important to meet the premises of readability in content marketing.

What is the readability of a content?

I don’t reveal anything to you if I tell you that the reader’s India Part Time Job Seekers Phone Number List attention spans are shorter and shorter, which is associated with the fact that the writing must be increasingly fine-tuned, in addition to being totally focused on making the reader stay. The slightest mistake can cause the user to click and go elsewhere. Most likely, to continue reading elsewhere on the topic you were reading with us. Therefore, What does this mean? Well, first of all, google is going to interpret this pogo sticking as something against our content and it is not going to reward our website or blog with its trust, see privileged positioning.

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Flesch-Kincaid readability test

We have just directly attacked our seo Leads Blue positioning, but not only this, because the fact that a user escapes has a direct impact on the objective that we have set for ourselves with our content, be it sales through conversion of our products or services, visibility, engagement, etc… the good news is that as I have already mentioned, there are many platforms and tools that allow us to measure readability and get a high score that certifies that our content is easy to read and understand.  Therefore, How can we measure the readability of a text? To answer the previous question I am going to use a formula, a tool and a plugin.

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