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We will notice differences when looking at. Data such as the number of sessions and users. In Google Analytics, there will usually be fewer users reaching the client’s website, because the system only assigns them when someone hits the landing page, ie. Views it. Clicking on a link after which the page tab will be clos before the website is fully load will not be count in Google Analytics statistics. The situation is different when the user comes to the page from Facebook. The platform counts every link click and every user interaction with an ad.

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This means that even if the user does not manage. To go to the landing page after clicking or closes the tab before the website is fully load. Facebook will still record such a click and we will see it in the account statistics. Google Analytics is more accurate when considering sessions and clicks from a single device. shopping funnel Discrepancies and conversions. The differences are also visible in conversions. If everything is correctly cod and there are no technical Belarus Mobile Number List errors, the statistics should show as many valuable actions as actually took place. So why might we see more or less conversions for a given channel on one platform than on the other. If everything is set up correctly, the answer is usually different attribution models.

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Before a conversion takes place, the user. Makes various moves in the conversion funnel. Occasionally, a potential customer will see an ad for a product or service on. Facebook and interact with that ad, but won’t complete the session with a conversion. In a few days, the same user will come back to the product or service page, for example, directly or by typing keywords into the Google search engine. Facebook can attribute such a conversion to a campaign. That was involv in the customer advertising interaction mention above. Google Analytics, on the other Leads Blue hand, can attribute the conversion to a different channel, for example, the one that. Was the last contact the customer had before the purchase.

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