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App install campaigns on. Instagram like targeting by age, gender, and other demographics By the way, if you’re wondering how do Instagram promotions work, then read this post ne t. So now let’s set up an Automat App ad from the Ads Manager. To Create Automat App Ads from Ads Manager You’ll follow the same steps we did above for app ads, all the way through choosing the app installs objective Choose the Automat. App Ads option and name your. Campaign, then click Continue Add your special ad category information, if applicable, then click Ne t In the.

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App section choose the app you want to promote. In the Locations & Language section, define the information for who you want to see your ads. Note the following You can only run one campaign and ad set at a time for targeting combinations, like with manual ads Age targeting will default to or your minimum store age. The same day e clusion Henan Mobile Phone Number List window applies as with manual ads Unlike manual. App Install ads, Automat App ads appear on all placements with no ability to manually remove specific placements. In the Optimization Controls section, define the goal.

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For your ad and how you’d like to spend your budget. Automat App ads have four options for optimization goals app installs, app installs with app events, app events, value optimization Choose your budget and schule and click. Ne t In the Identity section, select your Page and attach your Instagram account, if applicable In the. Ad Creative section, you can add individual images or videos or choose to select mia from a product set in your catalog Leads Blue Upload the ma imum number of images and videos for best performance. Check out possible variations of your ad here.

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