They have different posting frequency

The characteristic of a blog is the frequency of publication . An active blog, in fact, presents articles that are published constantly. There are bloggers who publish, for example, an article a week, an article every 15 days but also several articles a day.Articles often also display the date of publication or update .Websites, on the other hand, are a sort of online “brochure” whose pages are all already present and there is no new content that is published regularly. Sometimes they may contain a news section but even these are not often published on a regular basis, but only when there are particular communications to be shared with the relevant public.

 Building relationships with the public: the differences between blog and website

Even the relationship you try to create with your audience is different between blogs and websites.

In fact, a website has a greater function of “consultation” while a blog has the aim of involving readers. For this reason, very often there is a comments section under blog articles (as you can also Bahrain WhatsApp Number List find under this article) while it is not present in static pages of a website.

To better understand all these differences, let’s look at some practical examples.

For my online projects, for example, I use both blogs and websites.


An explanatory case is precisely linked to this project. As you can see, what you are reading is a blog. In addition to the static pages (like my about page or the contact page, for example), you can find the “Blog” page that contains all the articles I’ve written.

Websites are also used largely for institutional websites .

Websites and blogs: some examples

Here , for example , is the site of the Municipality of Milan Leads Blue which , as you can see , is a website made up of static pages and does not have a blog .

But this is not a dogma but a choice.


This is for example exactly what I did with Blog Academy , my online blogging school. Initially, for this project I had opted for a static website that presented all. The information about the course, the contents and how to register.

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