There are numerous solutions to do this

One of the cheapest – which is also the same one I use for all my projects – is to buy both the hosting and the domain on SiteGround .

There are so many reasons I prefer SiteGround over any other provider, primarily because it’s fast, it’s secure, and it has truly amazing customer support. And then it’s cheap: in fact, we’re talking about 15 euros a year for the domain and 1.99 euros a month for hosting.

And is this enough to create a successful blog? Absolutely, because SiteGround also offers you the full version of WordPress that allows you to modify the site in every single part, add all the features you need, optimize it for SEO and make it grow day after day.

Want to get started right away? Perfect, then Bulk SMS UAE I’ll guide you!

  • Go to SiteGround , scroll down the page (or click on the GET STARTED NOW button) and select the plan you prefer. If you only have one blog, the $1.99/month Startup plan is more than enough .
  • Buy Bulk SMS Service
  • Now choose the domain name you want . It could be your blog name, your brand name or – why not? – even your name and surname, just like I did, which is a perfect choice if you want to develop a personal blog .A little advice: if the domain name is not available, before opting for another name, try choosing a different extension . For example, if mydomain .it is not available, then try mydomain .com , .net and so on.
  • Now enter all your personal data, payment data and send the order .

Accomplishments! Your new blog is now online and the good thing is that it’s ready to be functional, optimized and monetizable!

(And you paid a lot less than creating a free blog and then buying a paid plan later

Final thoughts

We have come to the end of this blogging journey. Now Leads Blue you have all the knowledge and skills to open your free blog but you also know the limits and risks of this solution.

So the choice is yours!

And if you want an in-depth guide on how to create a blog , make it grow and make it successful, don’t forget to download your free blogging course , where you will learn all the fundamentals of blogging, how to create a blog from scratch, how to develop it and how to make it monetizable.

So I just have to wish you a good blogging!

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