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Back by data and results. Affordable marketing services with no long term contract ads optimization Go to Ads Manager Select. Ad Sets Click to check the bo ne t to the ad set you want to it. Select it Make changes to your schule in the Budget & Schule section You can Choose a specific date to have your ad start or stop Schule your ad to run on specific days of the week. E tend the date of an ad that has already plet its run if you want to keep running it Select Publish to publish your changes immiately, or select Close to save the changes to publish later.

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Note that these changes will reset your ads to the. Learning Phase how to create ads So you may want to save these to make other major optimizations like audience targeting, creatives, etc Summary You want to find out which days and hours get the most conversions for the lowest. CPA How to optimize creative binations avoid ad fatigue and get lower. CPA Your ad creative is what people are going to be looking at, reading, and interacting with. The behind Conduit CN the scenes setup things like targeting and placements aren’t visible to your customer This is all they see That’s why you ne.

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To show the best ad possible for each person. But how can you do that when you’re making one ad with one graphic or video at a time. You don’t You let someone or something else do the work for you Use Dynamic Ads Dynamic ads are the way to go to skip the agony of AB testing creative, and waiting weeks and weeks for results. We like the option a lot for small business owners or digital marketers who don’t have a ton of time. When you use dynamic Leads Blue ads, you’re creating a template with your catalog, so that can make a bunch of different versions of your ad uses machine.

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