The true ROI of content marketing

How to attribute roi to content marketing traditionally, marketers attributed conversions to the last action taken by a user. If they had clicked on an adwords ad to enter the page and buy, voila!: sem took all the credit. But today we know that reality is much more complex . Users go through different phases of the conversion funnel from when they first hear about our brand until they make their purchase. It is possible that before clicking on that ad, your new customer had already read an article on your blog, visited a comparison website with similar products and seen a live video of your brand on facebook, for example.

How to attribute ROI to content marketing

In order to better measure the China Phone Number List actual consumer journey. We are currently talking about assisted conversions and not just the last action of the user. We already have tracking tools that allow us to identify multiple touch points, such as google’s multi-channel funnels. With them, we can see all the steps that the user has followed until they converted. So the content marketing roi problem seems to be solved… But again, the reality is not that simple. Return on investment in content marketing: how to measure your objectives? To really measure the return on investment of content marketing , we are left with two unknowns to solve. The first of these is how much each touch point has influenced the final conversion , and therefore, what is the value that we should attribute to it: 20% of the sale price.

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Return on investment in content marketing: how to measure your objectives?

A 40? There are experts in this sector, such as avinash Leads Blue kaushik, who have dedicated themselves to analyzing the different attribution models to see their validity. While this is valuable information, ultimately every business and every conversion strategy is different . If you want to know what really works for you, you will have to apply different models and do experiments until you find a formula that really helps you progress in your marketing . And the other unknown lies in all the added benefits that content marketing can bring to your brand beyond conversions, such as improving brand image or customer service.

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