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Csocial mia ads Install Your Insight. Tag to Track Ad Performance You ne to install your Insight Tag’s version of Pi el This will track your. Clickers onto your website and collect information on the actions they take there How to install your Insight Tag messaging ads Navigate to Account Assets > Insight Tag Click to create a tag Copy the entire Insight Tag code from the window in the top section or use one of the dropdown options below Click I’m Done Add the JavaScript code to every page on your domain, preferably right before the end of the <body> tag in the global footer. Once receives a signal from the tag you’ve plac on your website, your domains will appear under Insight.

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Tag To verify your domain You’ll ne to trigger. The insight tag on your website Then your tag will be list as active and can be us in your ad campaigns. It will take anywhere from a few minutes to hours for your domain to be verifi after you trigger the tag on your website After your Insight Tag is active, you can use it in ads Let us show you how to set up your. Messaging ads now How To Create A Sponsor Message Ad The Messaging ads aren’t complicat, but it’s helpful to walk through them with someone the first time, so we’ll do that with you. Sign in to Campaign Lebanon Mobile Number List Manager Click the correct account name and campaign group If you don’t have an account or want to.

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Create a new account with new billing information, click. Create account If you don’t have a campaign group, click Create campaign group Click the. Confirm the Select Campaign Group Click Use a different group or Create a new group if ne Campaign groups can’t be it from this page Click Ne t Select from the following objectives for your campaign Website visits Lead generation Website conversions messaging ads Define your target audience in the Leads Blue Audience section. Create your target audience by selecting the targeting facets To apply a previously.

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