The best artificial intelligence tools for writing blog articles

Jasper AI is without a doubt my favorite AI copywriting tool as well as being one of the most advanced currently available on the market.

Through Jasper AI you can create any type of text : blog articles, social posts, email marketing emails, landing pages, ebooks and even entire books.

It has a clean, extremely intuitive and rather simple to use interface and is able not only to generate texts in an instant but also to write them with the tone of voice you prefer.

Want to try it for free? Excellent: from this link you can claim 10,000 free words to be generated by Jasper AI.

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2. Chat GPT

If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT by now , there’s only one explanation: you live in another galaxy!

ChatGPT is in fact in first place among the technology news from all over the world and not surprisingly: it is in fact a tool trained to understand human language and generate pertinent answers that seem written by a person in the flesh.

With ChatGPT you can have real chats, just like Bulk SMS Malaysia when I interviewed this tool to investigate the future of blogging .

Through ChatGPT you can therefore really write anything and you can generate highly personalized texts , capable of adapting to any context and any target audience, from blog articles to posts for social media.


Here’s an example:

But not only.

ChatGPT can also help you find new ideas for your blog articles , develop an effective editorial plan, do keyword research , optimize your articles for SEO and so on.

Despite being a very powerful tool, however, it still has many limitations . First of all, its automatic and mechanical writing. It is therefore very important to learn how to guide it in the best way if you want its output to be original and different from the others.

Second, he often invents answers from scratch . You must therefore always check the answers it provides and check its veracity on other sources.

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Copy.AI is one of the best AI copywriting tools available on the market.

Thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence technology, Copy.AI is able to generate high-quality content in seconds . Through this tool you can in fact produce texts optimized for search engines , posts for social media, texts for your ads and so on.

All in an extremely simple way: choose the type of content you want to produce, give the software the necessary instructions for drafting and get your texts in seconds.

You can use Copy AI fully up to 2,000 generated words per month.

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4. Write Sonic

Writesonic is another of my favorite AI copywriting tools Leads Blue because it has tons of features that other tools don’t have , such as the ability to integrate it with WordPress or generate AI images.

If you’re just starting out with AI, then try Writesonic before anyone else because it really is one of the best tools out there, it’s super easy to use and it’s perfect even for beginners.

And the good thing is that you can use it for free up to 2,500 generated words per month. Every month the count resets to zero again and you can take advantage of another 2,500 words.

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