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Knowlge about it may turn out to be. Extremely useful both in the case of consumers including Internet users and in the case of companies offering products and services including online stores. A conscious customer will satisfy his nes as quickly, effectively and reasonably as possible. In turn, a conscious entrepreneur will know how to. Effectively reach people who can solve their problem thanks to his products or services. In addition, both parties will take care to shorten the time of the purchasing process. Having knowlge about making purchasing decisions therefore fits into the win win concept.

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Persuasion, or the ability to convince. Someone to do something, is one of the most important features that an entrepreneur must have in order to successfully sell his product or service. A thorough knowlge of the EBK model, ie. A model of customer behavior when making purchasing decisions, proves to be useful here. It is he who is the main subject Paraguay Mobile Number List of this article. EBK model what is it The EBK model was develop over fifty years ago in by three researchers James. Engel, Roger Blackwell and David Kollat. Its name comes from the first letters of the names of the creators. This is one of the most popular models depicting the process of making a purchase decision by the consumer.

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The main assumption of the creators of the. Describ model was to explain that the purchase is a logical process that consists of five stages. These are awareness of the ne, looking for information, assessment of the choice, choice, ie. Purchase, effects of choice. It is worth taking a closer look at the stages of making purchasing decisions from the EBK model. Awareness of the ne In short The first stage is the awareness of the ne the consumer wants to BTC Email List satisfy his ne. For example, she wants to learn Spanish. More The typical consumer of the st century wants to satisfy his ne quickly.

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