The 5 content marketing trends that are causing a sensation

The 5 content marketing actions that are fashionable 1) data-driven marketing the amount of data available to us today is simply incredible, but very few brands actually take advantage of it. Collecting and interpreting the data you have to turn it into concrete actions can give you the ultimate advantage over the competition. To succeed in your strategy, the key is not to drown in a sea of ​​data, but to try to answer the most basic questions in an intelligent and informed way: what content works best for your business? What hours should you post them? Which channels get the best conversion rates? 2) the video among the content marketing trends this year, there is an old acquaintance that is gaining momentum: video. As mobile screens, data connections and overall internet speeds improve, video is gaining more and more attention.

The 5 content marketing actions that are fashionable

According to reports, 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be Greece Phone Number List related to video. Behind this success is a booming trend that has managed to revolutionize our way of consuming videos . I am referring, of course, to live streaming . In recent years, the main social networks have jumped on the bandwagon of live video and brands have not hesitated to take advantage of this resource to achieve a more authentic connection with their audience. As well as attracting attention on its own, video can also serve to reinforce the effect of other online marketing tools . For example, including videos in an email marketing campaign can increase ctrs by 200-300%.

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Data-driven marketing

Personalization and segmentation content personalization Leads Blue is such a powerful content marketing trend that some are referring to it as “Hyper-personalization.” personalizing content makes it more relevant to the person it’s intended for, and as a result, greatly improves results over mass campaigns. To achieve effective personalization, there are two tools that you cannot ignore: social listening and marketing automation . The former will help you access your audience’s conversations in real time, while the latter makes it possible to automate and streamline the process so your team can spend more time and resources on strategy and creativity.

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