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This is so that you can be actively following up with lead. That didn’t message you back or answer all of their questions in a timely manner. Check out our ad examples post to get some ideas for your next FB ad campaigns. Wrapping Up And that’s a wrap We hope you learn something new and useful when it comes to using Messenger ads If you want to maximize your ad campaigns, then our advertising services is what you ne Talk to one of our. Business Development Specialists today. What’s New in Ads Sept Morgan October. Last Updat October , new in ads Play Mute Download.

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Want to listen to this post. Click play will keep playing even if you lock your phone Have you heard Things are wild over at right now. It can be tough to keep up with all of the changes and what that means for your business but LYFE got your back so don’t worry. Let us tell you what’s new in ads here in today’s post. When you advertise on , it’s important Switzerland Phone Numbers List that you stay up to date. With changes because things are happening pretty rapidly. Your Ads Manager and Business Manager will show you notifications when changes are going to take place.

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You won’t find every single update here, but you. Will find the most important ones that will affect your ads or other activity in the Business Manager. Here are a couple of places you can find these notifications about what’s new in ads In the. Resources tab of the Ads Manager At the top of the Ads Manager On the homepage of the Business. Manager In your Notifications Tab In your email if you’ve sign up for updates. You can manage this in your settings. We’ll start with officially announc updates and then show you notifications our Account. Managers Leads Blue have gotten while working on ads in the. Ads Manager during our daily client account management pretty good.

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