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Website and landing pages for any and all. Of this to work Pi el Good Advertising Ideas If you don’t have that set up yet, you ne to do that before you do anything else. Here’s our tutorial on how to install and set up your Pi el Tip As far as what the ads themselves ne to say or look like, they should always be customer centric Yes, you read that right It should not be company centric You want everything to address something they care about. This usually comes in the form of tackling one of their pain points or achieving their goals, and the solution for either being your product or service.

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We have a post on some of our top ad e amples. And another one on how to create ads And both of those would be a good read for you especially if you’re. Kind of at a loss as to what your ads should say at any given point in your ad funnel Tip Make a list of any and every objection your audience may have to buy from you that you can think of This will help Mexico Mobile Number List guide you in what some of your ads ne to say along the way to break down those barriers. Tip AB split test your ads. We have a whole post on this ad testing so we’re not going to dive into too much detail here Get E clusive Marketing.

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Tips Join over marketers who get e clusive marketing. Tips that we only share with our subscribers Enter Your Address SIGN UP. But running different ads for the different parts of your funnel isn’t enough You ne to run different ads for the same parts of your funnel to. AB split creatives, copy, audiences, offers, and more to find what’s going to get you the most. Results at the lowest cost at each level of your funnel Tip If you’re completely new at this, it may take Leads Blue some time to start filling your ad funnel with people But once you’ve got a bit of a rhythm going, you’re going to be juggling multiple campaigns.

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