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To know the platform a bit Who uses the. Platform And how of users are male and are female Roughly of ’s global audience is under the age of million. Monthly active users are from the USA users spend an average of minutes per day on the app. They create, share, and watch short form videos up to minutes long, but most prefer to seconds. How do trends work and why do you ne to act quickly Hashtags, Sounds, Challenges, Effects. Dances ad mistakes You can find trends on the Discover page Act on trends quickly to days ma because they move fast on.

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Follow trendalert on so you can catch things early. Here and ride the wave a little longer have a better chance at going viral Check your niche. Hashtags for general themes or trends there so you can contribute to your community, like techtok, arttok, coffee ad mistakes. For all trends, you’ll want to tap through and visit the page with all the Tongliao Phone Number List videos using that. Sound, hashtag, etc Scroll through the most recent videos If most of them weren’t made in the. Last to hours, that’s an indicator that the trend is dead And that won’t give you the algorithm boost you’re looking for Still use.

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Sounds you like But not as a strategy for growth. Yirality You can see the date it was post ne t to the user name. Above the description You ne to have fun. Stop taking your advertising so seriously On one side, is a platform of dancing, comy. Iightheartness, connection, and authenticity Users embrace fun, funny, and casual Consider the audience and what they’re looking for escape. Why does being too sales y not work on The audience is younger. Gen Z, Millenials who Leads Blue prefer engaging with business ads when they’re relevant and useful itself is built on community and authenticity.

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