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Another simple strategy to ensure that your content is able to position itself even better on search engines is link building , i.e. strategically building a network of connections (links) between the various resources of your blog and between your blog and other websites.But why is link building so important in a larger blogging strategy ? Very simple.The link is extremely important in the world of the web. In fact, we can say that the whole internet is based on links. Think about it for a moment. The Internet is a network, a network that connects resources, websites, blogs, images, people, companies, communities. And it does so thanks to links.When we talked about how websites are positioned a few paragraphs above, we saw that Google’s bots scan all online resources and move from one resource to another by following the links.

The more links a resource receives, the greater its importance in the eyes of Google. But the quantity of links is not enough: quality is also essential for Google to recognize that that resource is truly relevant for the people of the web.

And this is exactly where our link building strategy comes into play, a technique that – if done as it should be – can bring your content excellent positioning on search engines.

Optimize your site and content for SEO

If your content is not ranking in Google, another possible cause is that it is not well optimized for search engines.

In fact, there are a series of SEO Copywriting best practices which, if applied, help a lot our articles to obtain a higher position in Google search results.

Here are the main ones:

  • Do an accurate keyword research on which you can base the creation of your editorial plan
  • Add related semantic terms to your text (you Armenia WhatsApp Number List can find all the terms you can add using tools like DinoRANK or SurferSEO )
  • Proceed to On-Page Optimization:
    • diligently structures the text, dividing it into paragraphs H-
    • Please answer the search intent
    • optimize the title for SEO and for your readers
    • optimize metadata (metatitle, metadescription and permalink)
    • optimize images
    • add relevant internal and external links.


Don’t forget to re-read the text carefully to avoid grammar and syntax errors. This will show your readers the care you put into the details, increasing trust in you, improving your personal branding and also increasing the time spent on your pages.

The permanence time is in fact an excellent signal for Google that if it sees that people spend a lot of time reading your content, it could decide to reward you by improving your positioning on search engines.

 Use the best SEO tools

The last suggestion I would like to give you is that if you really want to make the leap in quality with your blog, improve your positioning, increase your traffic and get higher earnings, it is to always use the best SEO tools .

In the world of blogging and digital marketing, the Leads Blue competition is always very high. Every day you have to deal with even very large competitors who often have really strong SEO specialist teams at their disposal.

You cannot think of overcoming them – but not even remotely approaching them – without doing in-depth analyses, studying the data, adopting an effective strategy.

And all this you can do only through the best SEO tools.

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