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Now again FB is auto-filling some suggest prompts. And questions, but you can and should it these to be specific to your business and target market. Generate Leads Template The biggest difference with this template is the approach. Instead of giving your audience responses to choose from, you’re asking them questions first. And since this is a lead generation template. FB actually gives you the option to disqualify people depending on how they answer your questions.

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So if they answer one way, it will lead them to the next question. But if they answer another way, aka if they choose the answer that makes it obvious that they wouldn’t be a good fit for your business you can disqualify them and end the conversation. And of course, you get to set up what the disqualification message says. This is so that you’re exiting. People in a gentle way that won’t do any brand damage for your business. The advanc option of this Sweden Phone Numbers List template gives you the ability to customize your confirmation to pause messages and. Reminder messages as well as set up any tracking parameters, if necessary.

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Once youve got everything the way you want it, you. Can preview in messenger, or save and finish. By the way, if you’re interest in learning more about. Lead ads, then be sure to check out our post for that. c. Advanc Option We would advise against this unless. You really know what you’re doing here, because it requires you to input your customiz JSON code. Step Now before we move on, we want to quickly go back and select the sponsor. Message ad Leads Blue type, and then click back to the ad level. You will see the ad level screen looks a little different as it only gives you the message template option.

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