A seven figure sum in to upgrade

A seven ad was a great success. Almost every second Internet user clickd on it. The result was impressive and virtually impossible to repeat today. Why? In 1994, banner advertising was something new. A breath of fresh air in the world of marketing. Internet users, intrigud by the message, clickd on it, thus ensuring the company’s marketing success. With the development of the Internet and the amazing progress in the world of new technologies, banner ads have become commonplace. Since pioneering advertising, they have undergone a violent revolution. They took the form of extremely annoying pop-unders, intrusive pop-ups and invasive, colorful, even repulsive gifs that could give you nystagmus.

Although the amount is impressive

And how is it today? Do you want to distinguish your company from the competition. We know how to do it effectively. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Today’s banner ad. Today’s banner ads do not scare away with intrusiveness. They are subtler, more subdud and eye-friendly. Modern banner advertising photo editor on the Internet , otherwise known as display advertising, usually takes the form of a simple graphic.  In format or a multimdia element creatd using HTML5. It can be static or animatd. The most commonly usd size for banner ads. Today’s banner ads can be found on practically every website.

It is worth mentioning

Also on brand’s own websites. Google offers a great solution for advertisers. As part of Google Ads, a marketer can place his banner ad on the Google network of over 2 million pages and reaching over 90% of Internet users around the world. The use of Google Display Network in your campaign allows you to generate high reach, and thus increases the effectiveness of advertising activities – supports sales. How does banner advertising Leads Blue work. Behind the banner ad is a link that, when clickd, rdirects the Internet user to a specific website. Banners work like any other form of online advertising.

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