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Shar Library Audience Manager. This is where youll upload custom audiences and create segments. Bid Strategies. This is where youll check the performance of bid strategies or create portfolio multi-campaign strategies. Negative Keyword List This is where youll view and add to your negative keyword list. Shar Budgets This is where you will use one budget across. Multiple campaigns make sure the budget is big enough Location. Groups If your business has a physical location or many. Youll add and manage those here. Placement Exclusion Lists These are places you dont want your ads to show.

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Bulk Actions All Bulk Actions. This is an advanc feature to help you save time when you have tons of campaigns. Rules This is where youll manage or add rules for your account ads, budgets, and audiences. Scripts The scripts are changing but you probably wont use these. Uploads Add or manage uploads here. . Measurement Conversions Set up conversions so you can track the success of your ads. Google Analytics This opens a new window in New Zealand Phone Numbers List Google Analytics. Attribution It gives you a look at the customer journey and where your success is coming from. omeone searches “seafood restaurant” then your caption nes to contain the words “seafood restaurant.

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Setup Business Data This includes data fes. Upload history, and ad customizer attributes. Policy Manager It shows if you have any policy issues and your appeal history. Access and Security This is where youll give access to employees or agencies that help you with advertising on Google. Link Accounts Link accounts for better data analytics and performance across campaigns. Preferences You can see some account preference options here. Google Merchant Center This opens in a new tab to your link Google Merchant Center you can Leads Blue link this up at any time. in it, and you can include seafood restaurant as a hashtag after your caption.

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