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If it s a fe post, you can use up to , and you may want to put them in the first comment as oppos to your actual caption for aesthetics. For Stories, you can put hashtags directly on the creative and if they don’t look appealing, you can always cover them up with a gif or sticker . But regardless of content type, the key with hashtags is to do these things Switch them up so that you’re not using the exact same set every day or else Instagram will lower your reach for that because they’ll read it as spammy , Do your research to choose hashtags of varying sizes to get a big reach and target reach.

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Make the hashtags relevant to your post. Summary Hashtags are still relevant and should very much be includ in your posts. How to Create & Optimize Instagram Story Ads Best Practices Morgan December , Last Updat October , optimize instagram story ads Play Mute Download Want to listen to this post Click play will keep playing even if you lock your phone If you want to learn how you can get results like this optimize instagram story ads grab your Ivory Coast Mobile Number List coffee, grab your favorite pen and notebook, and join us on the inside. We’ve work with small businesses to run ads on the internet for we’ll say a while.

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One of our favorite things about running ads is trying new placements, platforms, and strategies. It keeps our job interesting and we feel good helping small businesses see growth and make money. That’s why today, we’re teaching you how to create and optimize Instagram Story ads. Because you can build powerful ads for your business that can change your life. They don’t have to be expensive. Takeaways Stories are vertical videos or images Leads Blue that show up full screen on your phone and are only visible for hours and then disappear.

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