The importance of retaining customers

Research has long confirmed that retaining customers is cheaper than winning new ones and that, in addition, loyal customers who are already familiar with the brand and the quality of its products and services tend to make more substantial purchases. Having said that, it is not surprising that today most companies aspire to establish solid and lasting relationships with their customers , based on trust and two-way communication. This is exactly where relational marketing comes into play , that business strategy that emphasizes the importance of the customer, his loyalty and the full satisfaction of his needs.

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In this article, we will provide a definition of relationship marketing and present the benefits of applying this form of marketing to build long-term relationships with individual Indonesia Phone Number List customers. Relationship marketing: definition and meaning Relationship marketing, or relationship marketing , is and maintain lasting and meaningful relationships with their customers . By forging a long-term business-consumer relationship based on trust, relationship marketing aims, in short, at customer retention . On the other hand, the logic behind this approach is simple: the customer is to all intents and purposes a crucial player in the company’s success and therefore deserves constant attention.

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It is only by taking care of him and meeting (or anticipating) his needs that it becomes possible to increase the value of the established relationship. Because a loya willing to Leads Blue make further purchases but also inclined to become a brand advocate , i.e. proposing the company to other potential customers. A customer-focused marketing strategy makes the most of all the data available to structure personalized marketing campaigns designed specifically to meet their needs.

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