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According to this scheme, we have two worlds present in the story The world of an ordinary hero. An unknown, strange world in which the hero will experience not only adventures, but also his transformation. The story begins in the first world. At some point, a call to adventure appears in it. This is the moment when the hero receives an invitation to the other world. The key event is the transition from one reality to another. In literature, such a moment may be, for example, the moment when Harry Potter receiv a letter inviting him to Hogwarts.

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In the film, the theme of the transition to the other world is shown, for example, in The Matrix by the choice of a r pill by Neo. In the second world, thanks to various adventures, the hero undergoes a metamorphosis. Then he returns to the first world, which has remain the same, but our character is already someone else. Then the hero may win e.g. Katniss Everdeen wins The Hunger Games or his downfall e.g. Detective Mills in the Egypt Mobile Number List movieSeven. You can easily find this pattern in your favorite stories. If you master it and use it in the content you create, you will lead your audience through a coherent and well construct story.

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Monomyth and marketing The monomyth is a scheme that can be us not only when working on a book or a script. It will also work great when designing storytelling. Allegro, IKEA, Apple these are brands that masterfully use storytelling to create their image. An example of using a monomyth in an advertising campaign is the spot of the aforemention Allegro. There is a very high probability that you saw it on the occasion of Christmas, because we are Leads Blue talking about English for beginners | What are you looking for for the holidays. The main character is an elderly man who starts learning English this is his journey. 

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