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That s because wants to keep users on its platform and will favor the native video ads better than ads that link elsewhere to a video A third campaign you can run to help generate some awareness is an Engagement campaign ad funnel which can break down either into Page Likes or Post Engagement Page Likes ads prompt people within your select target audience to like your page which does a couple of things Gaining more likes can have a snowball effect on making your brand look more crible to others thus making it easier and easier for people to like your page.

How To Create Carousel Ads

It allows you to put some content in front of them organically moving forward Post Engagement ads take your e isting social mia posts and e tend their reach by putting them in front of more eyeballs within your select target audience to get more likes, comments, and shares If you post a lot of social mia posts every day or every week, and you’re providing a lot of value to your audience there either of these two campaigns could be a great option to Slovenia Mobile Number List drum up some brand awareness and engagement So those are some ways to start drawing some top of funnel people in on.

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But alright now let’s move on down to the middle of the funnel The ne t ad funnel is the consideration stage Step Middle of the funnel In here, you’re trying to take the brand awareness and engagement you’ve receiv so far to the ne t level The people in this part of the funnel are familiar with your brand, they’ve had positive brand association from the free value you’ve provid now it’s time to get them more invest Again, this part will look different Leads Blue for different businesses, but let’s look at a few e amples of what this could mean If the structure of your business is such that.

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