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Sertificate The next step in setting up an online store is to secure the website with an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is a tool that ensures security on the network. Its installation and operation are simple, and the benefits of owning it are significant. Originally, SSL was us. only by banks, today it is widely us. by small and large websites, including e shops. To purchase an SSL certificate, three basic conditions must be met: under the select. domain there must be a ready website, full of at least basic content the domain should be register. with pany data that are generally available in WHOIS, i.e. a protocol informing about the owner of a given domain, his address or other contact details you ne.

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To create an e mail account at the address this address will receive a request to confirm the order. SSL certificates are divid. into: class certificate, which has the basic authentication type, OV class certificate Bulgaria Mobile Number List with the extend. authentication type, and class certificate with the full authentication type. The cost of the certificate increases with the lel of authentication. M.ium and small enterprises are remend. to implement the basic certificate . Large panies, on the other hand, should consider purchasing an extend. OV or en a full certificate. Template Another important factor is matching the store template. A valuable product and.

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Or service online advertising and consumer remendations are of course important factors in sales, but the appearance of the website turns out to be no less important. Seral factors go into choosing a template: creating a list of store functions creating a list of template functions obtaining a guarantee from the person creating the template, which concerns the introduction of corrections and assistance in case of problems responsiveness the template must look good on a puter, tablet and smartphone . Technical assistance For an online store to function well, it is good to have constant technical support from an IT specialist. The IT specialist Leads Blue will not only be able to quickly solve current problems, but also monitor the popularity of the store.

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