How to attract a flow of qualified visitors

At the top of the conversion funnel (TOFU for “Top Of the FUnnel”), an Internet user seeks to solve his problem or meet a need.

He is therefore looking for information to find a solution.

At this stage, the user’s intention is to be informed.

But, at this stage, this Internet user is not a prospect, even less a qualified prospect, and the probability that he will become a customer is low.

Your objective is therefore to put everything in place so that these Internet users find you on the Internet so that they know of the existence of your offer.

Today, to inform ourselves, we generally start by carrying out a search on the Internet.

Based on this observation, the principle is simple.

A user does a search on Google about their problem that you know how to solve. So he must come across one of your contents which must simply answer his question, or even give him a solution to his problem.

This is where your business blog comes in, being the entry point for your Inbound Marketing.

In addition, given the size of your market, you surely have thousands (or even millions) of potential customers, but you are certainly not trying to convince them all.

To attract the right ones, start by describing your personas. That is to say the robot portrait of your ideal client.

Identify their problems, and how your offer solves them.

This is the starting point for identifying the content to be written.

Here are 2 sample personas to download  that you can use as a template.

How can you be sure that your content is highlighted on Google

Quite simply, by optimizing your articles for search engines.

Digital Marketing experts Kenya Phone Number List call this: natural referencing (SEO).

There are simple rules to follow like:

  • Choose the right keywords , if possible from the long tail and in accordance with your content,
  • Include them in the title and text of your article,
  • Write catchy titles and meta descriptions…

Once your articles are optimized for search engines, you need to promote them.

To do this, identify the social networks on which your persona is present. Then, share your content on these social networks.

publish content with a fairly long lifespan

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The Anglo-Saxons speak of “evergreen content” or persistent content. Thus, you can promote them regularly as long as they remain valid. In this way, your content continues to attract visitors several months (or years) after its publication date.

At this stage, do not try to sell at all costs at the risk of seeing your prospects flee. You don’t ask someone to marry you from the first meeting?

Your goal is to educate your visitors about a specific Leads Blue question, need or pain they are looking to solve. But without highlighting the commercial aspect, you will have the opportunity in the next step.

All that content on your business blog is great for driving traffic to your website.

But what’s the point of generating all these visitors if you can’t turn them into prospects, that is to say at least capture information about them?

This is the goal of the next step, which is in the middle of the conversion funnel (or MOFU for “Middle Of Funnel”).

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