Practice Before Bed And After Bed

There will probably be a bit of backlog of work to do next Monday, but this is a micro-holiday that shouldn’t result in a huge pile of work.

Instead of seeing “vacation” as a big agenda that is done once a year, then consider practicing micro vacations in our lives periodically.

By giving time for yourself, InsyaAllah it will be able to increase the feeling of comfort and fun with our free time.

Do you sleep without any preparation?

Actually preparing before bed and after bed is important

From a spiritual point of view, a Muslim should Whatsapp Mobile Number List see the act of sleeping as a ritual they do at night like prayer or any other worship.

This means, we need to think about our intentions when we sleep, as well as do some actions before and after sleep.

1. Intention to sleep for God’s sake

2. Practice before bed

Witr prayer
Prayer before bed
3. Practice after sleep

Wake up prayer
Read the last 10 verses of surah al-Imran
4. Closing

Intention to Sleep Because of God
We have talked about intention in previous articles related to the importance of sleep for the hereafter and how it can be used to worship Allah better.

This may seem like a trivial thing but it has a great effect on our sleep

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Try tonight, intend in your heart that this sleep is because Leads Blue of God and want to wake up to worship Him.

If we do these things (ablution, prayer before sleep and praying with certain prayers), we will get blessings (spiritual productivity) in our sleep and improve its quality, God willing.

Add to that the prayers we need when we wake up, then our entire sleep will be blessed.


Practice Before Sleeping
The Prophet SAW encouraged several actions before going to bed.

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