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Allow the influx of a large number of new people and increase the conversion rate. How to communicate with customers of the online store? numoco , years ago minutes of reading Success in the e-commerce industry consists not only of a wide range of products, attractive prices and fast delivery. One of the most important factors affecting the level of consumer confidence is the quality of service, and in particular – good communication between the store and the user. We suggest how to talk to customers of an online store using the most popular information exchange channels. Why is communication with customers important.

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Even the best-equipped online store offering the cheapest products on the market can effectively alienate customers through negligence in the area of ​​communication. Online trade only seemingly takes place in a non-contact form – in fact, we are dealing with a constant exchange of information at every stage of order fulfillment. To a large extent, it is communication with the store’s customers that determines whether they will return to us and whether Brazil Mobile Number List they will recommend us to their family, friends or business partners. So there’s really a lot to gain. Store customer service – the most important communication channels It is worth noting here that in e-commerce the lack of any message will be much worse than its worst content.

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If the customer asks about the availability of the product, it is the seller’s duty to provide honest information – also in the absence of goods in stock. No response multiplies doubts and undermines trust in the store as a reliable partner. This applies to various situations that may occur during the execution of the order, such as: purchase confirmation, delay in product delivery, no stock available, complaint about defective goods, no payment made for the product. Professional customer service requires providing reliable and comprehensive information as soon as possible. For this purpose, it is worth using the most important communication channels, such Leads Blue as telephone, social media or online chat with a consultant.

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