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Activities affecting the creation of a professional image on. LinkIn Keep your information up to date. Add content that will show that you are a specialist. Publish articles that present you as a leader, not a follower. . Acquisition of contacts LinkIn is not building a network for the sake of a network, but acquiring fully valuable contacts. That is why your contacts should include people with whom you have something in common it is primarily. About the same or similar industry and interests. Actions affecting the acquisition of contacts on LinkIn Send invitations with a personaliz message.

A Specific Topic Their Authors

Use your connect contacts to make new friends. Look at Who s View Your Profile if you find someone there that you have something in common with, poke them. Commitment Engagement is understood here as sharing original and valuable content. To do this effectively, you should know your audience and their nes well. Sometimes taking the time to solve Portugal Mobile Number List one person s problem turns out to be a marketing hit. Individual treatment of the client is often appreciat not only by him and his relatives, but also by the entire network of contacts. Activities that show you re engag Publish content that is likely to interest users. Share articles that interest you.

Often Reach A Small Group

Speak up comment, express opinions, refer to current events. Building relationships Building relationships is not just about constantly expanding your network of contacts. Contacts must be maintain. In this case, it is definitely quality, not quantity that counts. Activities that will help you build lasting relationships Show interest in the content post by others. Participate in discussions – try to be understanding and as objective as possible. Take care of maintaining relationships by sending private messages. Who are social selling methods Leads Blue particularly useful for. We mention above that according to statistics provid by LinkIn the higher the. Social Selling Index, the higher the sales.

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