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Why not Pinterest currently has million monthly. Active users and according to Pew Research a whopping of U S adults use Pinterest. Pinterest users When compared to other social media platforms Pinterest is definitely on the smaller side. But what makes it an interesting option is the fact that people using the site are actually engaged with it Which means you have a higher chance of getting people to click through to your site from Pinterest than say Twitter For example if you are an e commerce store selling on Pinterest can help you propel your online store to a whole new level Because it s different to find a product on Pinterest than on Facebook or Instagram People using.

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Pinterest are pre conditioned to hit the buy button. Pinterest users are used to finding new pins with interesting products on it And they re not new to. Buying something that they find interesting either through active search or through their feed Which gives Pinterest marketing an upper hand because of its potential to drive more sales Here are a few statistics to help convince you of the power of Pinterest when it comes to generating new Croatia Mobile Number List business of Pinterest Users Have a Household Income of USD This goes on to show that Pinners have a huge buying power that businesses like yourself can tap into Also it has been found that of pinners earn.

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Pinterest users are more likely to spend than other. Passive users that are not pinning of Active Pinterest Users Said They Use Pinterest to. Plan Research for Purchases Pinterest marketing and advertising makes a lot of sense when such a big percentage of people are ready to buy a product You can make Pinterest an important part of your content marketing strategy by producing educational content that helps people plan their purchase Pinterest Users Have Bought a Product After Seeing a Promoted Pin Pinterest Promoted Pins have proven to be extremely effective due to their native ad format People don t mind them because they nicely integrate into the user s feed When and if you follow a Pinner you ll find promoted pins that are marketing Leads Blue towards a particular demographic Almost of Pinterest Searches Occur on Mobile Devices There no.

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