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In revenue digital marketing case studies So, a little. Background on the company, they were vot as the number one gift item in Japan’s gift giving culture. But after a few years, their products were eventually made available across countries, including the U.S. So, they hir us to help increase their brand awareness and online sales via Google Ads. Similar to what we discuss regarding in the last example PPC is another way to put your website at the top of the search results for any given keyword that you feel is relevant. The main difference is that with PPC, you’re paying Google directly for that space, and this is reflect by users with the “Ad” symbol next to your website.

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Its a quicker route to get to the top of the search. Results but the caveat is that it constantly takes money to fuel it. Soon as you stop paying for clicks, you stop appearing there. Having said that, it is often a great temporary option to start driving immiate sales and get some cash flow coming in while you work on a more sustainable plan like. For Royce’s Chocolates, they spent , . and made , . back So let’s look at how we did it. We broke their campaigns up by Kazakhstan Mobile Number List different keywords, and by different match types bas on popular search terms we found in the keyword research we did prior. Now some of the match types we us in their campaign are no longer available.

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The match types available now are broad match. Phrase match, and exact match. keyword match types So Google’s example here is for the keyword “lawn mowing service.” words, keyword. If you use “broad match” targeting, your ad will appear when relat searches are made such as lawn aeration services. This is probably the least popular type to use because it’s very loose targeting. Phrase Match means your ad will only be shown if the search query Leads Blue includes the meaning of the keyword. For instance, “lawn moving service near me” or “hire company to mow lawn.

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