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Authentic compar to content creat by brands ” There’s a statistic out there that says “Consumers who end up on an e commerce site through a user generat video are more likely to purchase, and spend more ” Those numbers are huge, and even though that stat specifically is talking about video it’s safe to assume that other types of user generat content like reviews, photos, etc have a similar impact So start putting your reviews and photo tags to use when you want to create ads that stop the scroll Summary You can still get someone to stop with a static image if you pique their.

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Curiosity enough Tip Use copy that speaks to something your audience cares about We have talk about this in many posts, so we’re going to keep it short and to the point today Your ad nes to speak to your audience’s pain points or Brand Awareness campaigns within the Forecasting Tool, and measure their results in the Campaign Manager reporting Summary wants to help businesses deepen their connections with their audience, as well as to gain better 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers reach and engagement opportunities Twitter Tests Communities Twitter recently fleec their Fleets Fleets were disappearing tweets meant to encourage folks who had been hesitant to join the app It did not work that way.

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However they re still chasing the growth that other platforms are enjoying According to Twitter’s announcement on their blog, they’re testing Communities, a way to easily find and connect with people who want to talk about the same things you do ” How Communities Will Work new social mia updates Communities can currently only be creat by Twitter approv moderators When you tweet, you can select a and your tweet will appear to them, but Leads Blue not on your timeline to all of your followers pages and all the tweets are public, and anyone can view and report tweets from.

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