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In revenue in months digital marketing case studies We know that’s a lot to unpack, so let’s start with the process. is the process of making your website rank at the top of the organic Google search results page. That is when somebody types in a keyword or search term that’s relevant to your business. For example, if someone searches “atlanta social mia management company” on Google Bing Yahoo or any search engine Let Us Grow Your Revenue. Increase revenue with done for you marketing Custom marketing strategy back by data and results Affordable marketing services.

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With no long term contract digital marketing case studies then the site that is search engine optimiz the best for that keyword will be the first organic listing. So we help them appear on the first page of Google results for keywords. Now, is usually a long term approach, sometimes taking months or more to see first page results. So the major key to achieving these results so fast was their site’s age and history. Our client had already establish some web Jordan Mobile Number List authority over years but was doing wrong. Our team was able to successfully come in to restructure their website, develop a strategy that includ on and off page optimization, and drive top search results.

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While we did perform other services for them, which we’ll get into in a second was a big part of our strategy because of the nature of their business. Because their products were so specific and niche, it made sense to put their business in front of people actively searching for those specific terms. That’s what our and PPC services did for them. So just take a minute to think about your business. Is the problem your company solves or the solution that your product or service provides something that people Google often If you think so, you Leads Blue can confirm by using Google Keyword Planner it’s free to see exactly how often any search term is search a month.

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