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How to calculate the NPS indicator and. How to interpret it What to do in case of unsatisfactory results and what are the pros and cons of the. Net Promoter Score We answer all these questions in the article. We invite you to read. Net Promoter Score what is it and how to calculate the results A big advantage of the survey is that it requires the respondent to answer the question. Would you recommend using our services to your friends and family and a few short follow up questions. The client is not requir to provide extensive answers, but only to determine his feelings on a scale from to where zero means I would absolutely not recommend, and ten of course. I would absolutely recommend and a few words justifying the answer.

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Reichheld divid customers into three types. Promoters people whose answers on the scale are or , destructors people who indicat answers. From to points, neutral those who mark or points in the survey. We calculate the test result by subtracting. The percentage of promoters from destructors neutral clients are omitt. Thanks to this, it. Is possible Dominican Republic Mobile Number List to obtain from to + points, where scores above points are consider good. The pattern looks like this: NPS promoters % destructors NPS survey how to interpret the results. Looking at the NPS research pattern, one might get the impression that neutral customers who rat. Our product or service at a relatively high level should be completely ignor.

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It sounds quite bizarre but it is due to the. Fact that with the right actions, transferring them to the group of promoters will not be difficult. Therefore, we focus on the first two groups , ie. On trying to ruce the number of destructors and maintaining good relations with promoters. See also: How to create and use a stakeholder map Earlier, we mention how quick and undemanding the. Net Promoter Score survey is for the respondents , as it only requires marking your answer on a scale from to. However, it is worth asking supplementary questions , such as: why did you give. This answer how do you think we can improve the buying experience and other. They will Leads Blue allow us to obtain advice directly from the people whose recognition we seek  customers.

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