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Again when designing your thumbnail, make sure you’ve already done your research on what keywords to use And for our headline, for this guide, we’re typing in “Design YouTube Thumbnails” how to make youtube thumbnail Let’s adjust the positions of our text, as well as .it the spacing of each letter otherwise known as kerning Step Now you’ll want to upload your main image which can be your subject image Thumbnails with happy or animat. faces get more clicks than serious faces, so keep that in mind when choosing the main picture for your thumbnail.

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So were flipping it to point at our text and removing the background using one of the most useful Canva features which is the background remover tool Once the background is remov., keep adjusting the position Speaking of the background remover tool, here’s a tutorial on how to remove image background using this Canva tool Step We’ll be duplicating it and creating a light blurr. version of it to sit behind the subject image and outline it as sort of like Azerbaijan Mobile Number List this glowing effect how to make youtube thumbnail We did that by setting the duplicate’s brightness and contrast to and then setting the blur to at least or.

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However it ll depend on how much or how little you want the subject’s background to glow around it Step Next, on the Elements tab, we’re going to search for “youtube” because that’s the subject of this video thumbnail how to make youtube thumbnail We’ll want to add them around our thumbnail to help visualize that this video is going to be about YouTube Depending on your video content, you’ll want to add complementing elements for your subject on your design Step Now, let’s move on to our background Here’s a little trick we like to use for Leads Blue thumbnails backgrounds which you can also apply to other designs When it comes to backgrounds.

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