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Them understand how your product or service can help them and be of value to them, better than static te t does It statistically moves them to purchase more than static te t and imagery do The reason videos are so effective is because social mia users prefer them and statistically respond better to them Thus, making it the leading mia type to use when you want to create ads that stop users mid scroll Now, we have a complete Canva tutorial on how to design short video ads but even so, let’s say you just don’t have the capacity to create a video ad right now, what else can you do.

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Before we answer that be sure to check our social mia ads training course ne t if you want to grow your knowlge in creating successful social ads Summary No matter whether you’re B B or B C, videos play a significant role in your buyer’s purchasing decision Tip If you can’t use video, use GIFs GIFs are animat images You’ve probably seen us use them Ghana Mobile Number List in our videos and posts before You can make them for free using sites like giphy com You can do this by just uploading a short clip you can take with your smartphone or anything else, and it will automatically make a GIF out of.

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It what s great is if you use a GIF in your ads, Ads Manager still views it as a video So GIF views are retargetable the same way as any other video views you collect And because GIFs are so short, people are more likely to watch a whole GIF rather than a whole video making it easier for you to collect more video views from it to retarget So GIFs give you a lot of the benefits of video without being as labor intensive Plus, the last thing we’ll say about them Leads Blue is they’re usually us in a funny conte t So if humor fits within your brand voice, that could be a great opportunity to get.

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