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This year even more than now, it will become. Even more important not only to bring the user to the website, but also to take care of his conversion path and its optimization. The challenge will be to simplify the shopping path and integrate stores with sales in social mia Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. Multi channel sales and customer communication will certainly be a big challenge in. It is worth remembering, however, that the consumer s purchasing. Decisions are made on the basis of various criteria, and there are more and more sources of obtaining it. SEO trends will be the year of spe, mobile.

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This year the migration to Mobile. First Index will be complet, Core Web Vitals will be implement , and UX development will become more important. Let s not forget about the EAT algorithm , whose impact on positioning is still significant. Certainly, the new year, not only due to the pandemic, will belong to internet marketing. To be successful, to appear on the market, and thus to achieve high positions in search results, you will have to follow UAE Mobile Number List the new. Google algorithms and adapt to the ever changing conditions in the Internet industry. The updates introduc and announc this year will certainly stir up the SEO industry.

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We are waiting for those changes that have not yet been announc. We believe that Google is preparing new and interesting challenges for our industry, which we will have to face. We recently wrote an article about conversion. In it, we explain that, in simple terms, a conversion is an action of a website user desir by the website owner. Such activities include, first of all, acquiring a customer and making a purchase by him. Conversion information definitely helps to meet the expectations of users, ie. Improve a given website and simplify the purchasing process, and thus increase sales. High conversion rate is it enough It happens, however, that conversion Leads Blue indicators are. Not able to answer all bothering questions about the activities of users on the website.

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