First step of the SEO strategy: the optimization of the technical aspects

As we have anticipated, one of the main objectives of search engines is to better respond to user requests. It is therefore evident that a website that does not satisfy users , perhaps because it is particularly complicated to navigate or slow in loading resources, cannot hope to reach the top positions in the SERPs . As far as UX is concerned, there are three points to take into consideration:

  • Navigability : for every website that is complicated to navigate, which makes it difficult for the user to reach the resource of his interest or perform the action he wishes to perform, there is a more intuitive one. Today’s users know they can access an infinite number of sites capable of providing the products and information they want and rarely waste their time on an overly complex website knowing they can get there with just a few clicks on a more complex site. performing;
  • Upload speed : Today’s users have very high expectations and very limited patience. This is why slow websites, perhaps weighed down by multimedia content such as non-optimized graphics or videos, end up having a very high abandonment rate; 
  • Mobile usability : more and more users access the web through their mobile devices, whether they are smartphones or tablets. To offer them the best possible experience, it is necessary to make sure that the website is responsive and mobile-friendly, i.e. optimized for mobile viewing.  

SEO audits

The SEO Audit , to which we have dedicated an entire articleis a complete and detailed analysis of all the factors that contribute to the positioning of a website on search engines . This is a fundamental step in defining an SEO strategy but also an invaluable diagnostic element.

In fact, thanks to the SEO Audit it is possible to objectively observe the state of health of the website, recognizing its strengths and critical points Cambodia Phone Number List on which to intervene. In particular, it will be possible to analyze the technical and purely content aspects , discovering for example 404 errors and broken links, duplicate content, too bare pages and so on.    

Second step: the semantic analysis

When we talk about semantics associated with SEO strategies, we are referring to the study of keywords and the search intent (i.e. the search intent) of users who perform specific online searches. Some searches, for example, have a purely informative intent (“how to choose the right living room lamp”) while others are more inclined to purchase (“living room lamps on offer website”).

Content in SEO strategies

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To define a successful SEO strategy it is necessary Leads Blue to start from the definition of the target , i.e. the niche of the public to which you want to address. The more defined the audience, the easier it will be to create interesting content for them capable of increasing the number of visits to the website and consequently increasing the ranking on search engines.

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