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They are the ones who more often decide on a brand that, apart from its business goals, pursues a higher idea. Find out what brand purpose is, how to set it and see examples of companies that use it. What is brand purpose Brand purpose, also known as brand ideal, is the higher purpose of the brand’s existence. In this sense, the brand functions not only to sell, but also to convey its values ​​or beliefs. When translating the term brand purpose, we can use the following definitions A new framework for business bas on improving the lives of the people it serves, root in the timeless foundations of business and human nature.

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Jim Stengel In his research, Jim Stengel also discover that brand purpose most often concerns one of five values · joy, connecting people with each other and the world, discovering new experiences, evoke feelings of strength, such as confidence, security, vitality, impact on society, “A finite game is about winning. Increase your profit, conquer a new market. Achieve a specific goal. The infinite game is about striving for something bigger than ourselves Estonia Mobile Number List or our organization.” Simon Sinnek Finite game serves goals that are about to end, such as product profits which we will eventually achieve according to a certain strategy , and infinite game is more than just a business goal.

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It is an intangible asset that the company represents. What is brand purpose for Brand purpose works both outside and inside the organization. The higher goal has no expiration date, specific industry or other restrictions. Companies that have an idea develop their potential faster, are more flexible and easily adapt to the changing world. A well defin brand helps to adapt to new market conditions, while achieving business goals. Also read Leads Blue Effective Rebranding Principles. Brand purpose and customers Modern society requires more than a cheap, good product. 

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