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The main argument in favor of this is the versatile benefits it brings. They include not only website users, but also their owners. The use of the site becomes easier, the number of visitors and the resulting sales increase, and the site is reward by. Google for transparency and meeting the expectations of users. The reward is a higher position in the search results. The years and , the time of the pandemic, have shown what the most valu marketing specialists. Have been pricting for a long time companies that do not promote themselves on the Internet are not able to achieve business success. Today, all representatives of small and mium siz enterprises know this.

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Marketing activities on the Internet must therefore be undertaken by every business owner who strives to develop his business. They should be thoughtful, comprehensive and, last but not least, continuous. This is relat to the concept of. SXO , search experience optimization the subject of this article. What is SXO At the beginning, it is worth explaining in detail what search experience optimization, or .SXO for short, is. SXO is a combination of the Austria Phone Numbers List abbreviation. SEO first and last letter and the abbreviation UX second letter. However, it focuses not only on SEO and UX. This is taking action relat to SEO search engine optimization. SEO on site optimization activities on the website.

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Off site SEO optimization activities outside the website. CRO conversion rate optimization conversion optimization on the website. UX User Experience optimizing the user s experience with the website. SXO is a response to users moving from desktop to mobile devices and the increasing competitiveness of online stores. The idea of ​​SXO was born in , when research show that Internet users are increasingly visiting websites and making purchases on the. Internet using mobile devices mainly smartphones. It was then that people began to think about Leads Blue how. To make the experience of Internet users using not only computers, but also telephones as good as possible.

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