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According to a report by Statista the number of. Instagram users increas by almost a million during the year comparison July July .Number of Instagram users in Poland from June to June. data instagram Twitter. A great example of a social networking site that connects people with similar interests is Twitter. While. Facebook does not pay so much attention to the views or likes of friends on. Twitter accounts are primarily observ that serve content that you simply want to interact with. It is not a news portal although we will find a lot of information in it in addition first hand.

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Politicians actors social activists and anyone. Who wants to be up to date with events in the country and in the world have their accounts. The website allows you to insert short mainly text posts which often also contain links or photos. At the same time it is more user friendly than official announcements issu for example by press spokesmen of a given Norway Mobile Number List ministry. According to data collect by Statcounter the share of the Twitter platform in the social mia market in November amount to as much as. which is the highest result in the history of this website in Poland.

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For comparison Facebook record. Traffic and YouTube only gs. Statcounter social mia stats all poland November. What does this information mean The statistics may seem surprising but it is worth mentioning here that the service primarily measures pageviews of a given site not the number of its unique users. Twitter is a service whose idea is to provide short information hence the high traffic on the site which does not translate into the number of unique users. Short news is check several a dozen and often dozens of times a day without Leads Blue stopping for longer as is the case with YouTube for example. The majority of Twitter users are men with a share of.

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