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They ne in bits, not in bulk Set up two to threes with at least two. CTAs that members can interact with Keep it conversational. Write like you would speak if you have to use yours on the phone customer service voice Make your. CTAs engaging and clear Use rich mia If you are seeing low engagement, consider adding rich mia like photos Learn some more tips and tricks by reading this post ne t Conclusion Have you run Sponsor ads on How did they work for you We’d love to hear about it in the ments How to Analyze Your Ad Results.

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Download Want to listen to this post. Click play will keep playing even if you lock your phone We talk a lot on this blog about all of the results we drive for our clients using ads. But one mon problem we hear a lot is that it’s either confusing, daunting, or both to try to read our clients’ Ads Manager The question we get ask often is how do you analyze your South Africa Mobile Number List ad results So that’s e actly what we’re going to show you how to do in this post For today’s post, we’re going to walk you through Ads Manager’s metrics And, we’ll look at major metrics to pay attention to while we re.

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Walking through how to analyze your ad results as a whole. Let’s get start Takeaways Ads Manager is helpful for paring metrics when you want to see. How different campaigns stack up against each other The top most important metrics in your ad results are the cost per result, frequency, and link CTR Don’t get overwhelm by all the metrics there are to look at and don’t get caught up focusing on metrics that don’t really matter as much Leads Blue Understanding The Layout Of Ads Manager Metrics When you’re looking at Ads Manager, it breaks down into the campaign.

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